22nd in points and moving up. Labor Day weekend!

Greetings Race Fans,

As we enter the final home stretch for the 2016 season, I am very thankful and proud of the solid effort that Hixson Motorsports has done this year. This is by far the best season of my racing career and I look forward to another great one in 2017.

We will be running in DuQuoin, Illinois this weekend and I look forward to my second start on the dirt. Please stop over and see us at the track. Our sponsor, Bell Plantation has put out three new flavors of PB2, so pick yours up now at www.bellplantation.com

See you at the tracks,

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Paws to the Pedal

Mike Senica On behalf of our ARCA/NASCAR Racing involvement, Dawn Miller and driver Mike Senica have developed a non-profit organization to maintain the well-being of animals world-wide. Dawn has been an ardent supporter of animal care for many years.

Mike brings his affiliations with ARCA, NASCAR and The Indy Racing League to aide in "spreading the word" about Paws to the Pedal. Our objective is to have as many dogs and cats exist in a safe environment and that the humane treatment of animals be enforced in every way possible.

We all grew up in love with dogs and cats and now is the time to prevent any harm to their species. Donations will be set up and determined as the web site is fully operational. Any amount will benefit animals to having the care and nuitrition they need and deserve.

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